on worship

At Trinity, we believe that in order to be a people growing into Christ’s likeness we must intentionally engage in the practices of corporate and personal worship. Corporate worship is simply what we do on Sundays. It is our hope to engage both the mind and the body when we worship, which is why we choose to read a lot of scripture in our services as well as sing songs that are biblically based. We also physically engage our bodies through standing, lifting hands, singing and praying aloud, walking forward to receive communion, etc. We do not see our time of worship as sentiment, but rather as a way of actively remembering who God is and what he has done and is doing.  The Greek word for this is anamnesis - remembering that re-enters the story.  All of our movements stir us to actively remember God and His ever-unfolding story.

Likewise, we seek to continually engage in the daily practices of personal worship such as prayer, study, meditation, celebration, and the like. Disciplines such as these do not do anything for us in and of themselves, however they place us in a posture of being open and receptive to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We encourage you to establish a Rule of Life (rhythm) whereby you consistently engage in the disciplines. 

It is our hope that everyone who calls Trinity "home" will be actively participating in both corporate and personal rhythms of worship. Visit our RESOURCES page if you need help in exploring what this might look like for you.

Worship Staff


Marty Reardon - Worship Pastor

Lauren Love - Eastside Worship Pastor

Sindhu Giedd - Worship Resident

Marty Reardon and Lauren Love, share the values and disciplines of corporate and private worship.