We offer resources so that our people may grow in their understanding and practice of corporate and personal worship.

We write and record many of the songs we sing at Trinity. It is our belief that writing music for the local church - indigenous songwriting - enables our people to embody the gospel more fully as we live into our particular context. Our music is available online for purchase or streaming. We have also created seasonal playlists on Spotify to help us engage in the seasons of the church year.

The Daily Office is part of the Anglican tradition found in the Book of Common Prayer. It is a Bible reading plan that takes the reader through Old Testament and New Testament readings each day. If you do not currently have a Bible reading plan we encourage you to explore the Daily Office as a way of engaging in an intentional rhythm of reading scripture.

We have compiled a list of books to read for anyone desiring to grow in the understanding and practice of Christian worship and formation. We hope these recommendations enrich your times of worship, study, and contemplation.

To explore what it can look like to engage in the practice of contemplation and reflection in a corporate worship setting we encourage you to attend our monthly Worship & Prayer Services. They occur on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm on the Westside.

Our friends at Modern Liturgic have created a church year print and calendar to help navigate the seasons of the liturgical year. "More and more people are finding their way into liturgical traditions, finding depth and beauty in the structure and richness of these traditions.  But getting to know all of the various components of the liturgy, seasons, saints, etc. can be intimidating.  So we set out to create beautiful, creative pieces that help people enter into and engage these liturgical forms." Go check them out!