Our worship teams are made up of volunteers. If you are interested in serving with us please fill out the online application below and we will set up an audition time for you.


Preparation – In order to honor everyone’s time we need to be punctual and prepared. You can access the set lists on Planning Center to listen to MP3s and download charts for the week.

  • Sunday AM rehearsal is at 7:30am (for the 9:00am and 11:00am services), Sunday PM rehearsal is at 4:30pm (for the 6pm service)

  • Strive for Excellence – We believe that everyone should desire to be a life-long learner, which means we should commit to continually honing our craft and skills. This means you may need to read a book on worship or take guitar lessons. There are a great number of resources out there. Let us know how we can help you be a better you!

  • Representing Trinity Well – We believe leading worship (when you are on stage you are seen as a leader) is a high calling. Therefore it is important to remember that you are representing Christ and Trinity in your conduct off and on the stage.


  • Help Set You Up For Success – We commit to helping you succeed by posting all recordings, charts, and other pertinent information on our Worship Resource Site. If anything is ever missing, out of date, or incorrect please let us know.

  • Honor Your Time/Sabbath – Time is a precious gift and because one weekend of service requires a lot of it (about 5hrs for AM and 3.5hrs for PM), we strive to schedule musicians no more than twice per month. We also believe that rest and Sabbath are vital to a flourishing life and we want you to take any opportunity you are not playing to simply come and worship.

  • Feedback – We know we do not have everything figured out when it comes to worship so we are always open to feedback in how we can do things better.

  • Walk With You –We don’t want you to just grow as a musician. We want you to live a holistically flourishing life. So, we are committed to walking with you on your spiritual/personal journey. Let us know if you ever need anything.

Trinity is a community of diverse opinions, affiliations, and backgrounds. While we welcome this diversity and the mutual respect fostered by such differences, we have a responsibility as a leadership to uphold a unifying vision among those who serve as trusted leaders within our church. This includes those who serve alongside our pastors in our worship services (musicians, worship leaders, communion servers, and preachers), as well as those who offer pastoral care, provide mentoring and lead community groups.

 At Trinity we uphold the basic tenets of historic orthodoxy as outlined by the Nicene Creed. We also call our members and leaders to faithful practice with regard to appetite, relationships, and resources. This means that we joyfully submit to those boundaries prescribed by the Bible regarding sexuality, consumption of food and drink, engagement with people, and stewardship of our time, money and talents.

 If you have disagreements or questions regarding either theological belief or the call to personal holiness, we invite you to connect with one of our pastors for further conversation. We are so thankful for your interest and willingness to serve in our church, and it is our commitment as senior leadership to offer as much support and clarity as we are able.



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